A hierarchical Web-based task manager with polished multi-user support

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Tasks Pro is a Web-based hierarchical task manager with polished multi-user functionality. Features include advanced user and task permissions, email notifications and reminders, RSS feeds and iCalendars for all users and groups, full localization support, and a rich, powerful interface that is a pleasure to use. This release includes some often requested features and fixes reported bugs. You can now track how long tasks take and if a task is billable or not. You can also attach files to tasks. Each task now has an RSS feed and an iCalendar so you can track and view specific projects.


This release also allows you to add unlimited URLs to a task or note instead of just three. This release fixes a few bugs and adds PHP iCalendar 1.1 and a German translation. Sorting the search results list works again, slashes are stripped properly when marking a task with sub-tasks complete, and a bug in the URL upgrade script was fixed. This release adds a number of bugfixes, including ones for better handling of special characters in the iCalendars, a bug in the timer that appeared if you had a server time offset, and a workaround for a change in MySQL 4.1. The “Today” button for Date Due now respects the time difference set in your preferences.


It’s now possible to post to a Drupal blog. There’s now a link to the documentation in the sidebar. The field type in the files table has changed to allow for bigger files to be stored properly. A bug in PHP 4.1.2 that was interfering with the logout page has been worked around. There are additional file size checks for file upload. A Javascript bug that occurred on the Edit screen when there were groups in the system but the user was not in any groups has been fixed. The ‘Add files’ button and ‘Remove file’ icon only show up when the user has the proper permissions.

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