A system to manage tasks and defects for software development

The BugPort system is a Web-based system to manage tasks and defects throughout the software development process. It is written with the PHP language, using its object-oriented capabilities, and is in use by INCOGEN for internal management of software development and QA. The default selection for column drop down did not initialize in the proper state. A bug in the HTML library has been fixed to address this. A getShortFormattedDBTimeStamp() function has been added to the string library. The new Stats page has been cleaned up.


A bug with a bad ‘defined’ check in webServer::tryKillProcess has been fixed. Three files that were missing from the tar file (stylesheet.css, index.html for redirection, and searchHelp.html) have been added. The default location for the adodb directory has been changed. A new HTML filters system was put in place. Two filters were made as a proof of concept: one turns http:// strings into links, and the other turns UNC paths (\\server\dir\file.txt) into links. AImage->getHTML was also adjusted so that button tooltips will now appear in Gecko-based browsers. Two bugs were addressed to avoid errors when adding attachments to projects with spaces in their name.


The iuser.currentProject_id column was set to “NOT NULL”, and error checking in User::getCurrentUser was improved to ease debugging of installation issues. Error messages were improved when trying to login as an invalid user or with bad database connection settings. The email handler was changed to send to the tester, developer, and project designers when a comment, attachment, or related item is added to an item. An issue with the review form not correctly setting the subproject was fixed.

A Web interface to smbclient

SMB Web Client is a simple script that allows users to access Windows networks from a Web browser. Some bugs have been fixed. INSTALL and README files have been added. This release is compliant with MSIE, Firebird/Mozilla, Netscape 4, lynx, w3m, and Opera browsers. Authentication is now only required when needed, the SambaPort new parameter is available, and you can select multiple print jobs to be canceled.


Easier installation: mod_rewrite is not needed anymore, and all service is contained in one single PHP script. You can delete folders recursively. The cache is disabled by default. Form-based authentication has been added. The code has been nearly rewritten. It is cleaner, and bugs regarding strange characters in passwords and filenames have been fixed. The layout is better for multi-language support. Several security bugs have been fixed. The title now shows the Windows path. Problems with detecting the servers and master when browsing a domain were solved. Bugs in language detection were fixed. New languages include Norwegian and Swedish.


A fancy (not blue) error window was added. The script name does not have to be smbwebclient.php. An HTTPS download bug in some versions of IE has been fixed. The smbclient -U parameter is no longer used for security reasons. Turkish and Portugese translations were added, and the Brazillian Portugues, German, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan, Euskera, and Gallego translations were updated. The “alert.gif” file is now “alert.jpg” to avoid GIF licensing problems. A bug with the Internet Explorer cache was fixed.

A very fast Web log analyzer with no configuration required

Visitors is a very fast Web log analyzer. It can process up to 150,000 lines/second of logs on a modern PC, outputs statistics in plaintext or HTML, and can be used interactively in a pipe with less to just see the stats quickly, or run via cron for the HTML output. It does not require any kind of configuration, nor to know the format of the Web log file to process.


Many fixes, better Web path analysis with weight graph generation via graphviz, and a new report about the percentage of visitors that reached the site from google’s search for every analyzer day. More options were provided to control report generation. The HTML output was improved and is more readable, and the documentation was updated. This release added reports showing referers by date and hour/weekday combined. The HTML report was improved and is now more readable. Real time statistics were added using the new Stream Mode.


New reports were added for Operating Systems, Browsers, and Top Level Domains. Compilation on SunOS was fixed. HTML output was improved with quick links to reports and better date sorting. The processing engine is now faster when all the reports are enabled. Tail -f emulation mode was added. This release features two new reports, 404 errors and pageviews per visit, and the Google keyphrases report is now better looking and shows the page number of the keyword on Google, and was fixed to be case-insensitive. There are more sane exit codes. An option to handle different timezone between server and Web users added. A bug in the parsers was fixed. There were many other little changes.

Web-based FTP client

WTP is a Web-based FTP client that features bookmarks, uploading, downloading, deleting, moving, and renaming of files and directories. It allows administrators to limit the hostnames to which users can connect. Currently only Unix FTP servers are supported.This release adds various bugfixes in the handling of directory names and filenames with weird characters (ampersands, spaces, pluses, etc.), a document with testcases, and bugfixes in the login screen.


The ability to hide or show hidden files was added. Directories are now always shown at the top of the list. FTP rawlist summary lines are no longer shown. The pop-up size bug was fixed. This release fixes numerous warnings and some bugs in the sorting, and has better error checking. The code was cleaned up and some small parts were rewritten. This release supports FTP servers on non-standard ports, anonymous access, and will work correctly with register_globals set to off. Rackspace offers your choice of Microsoft or Linux managed servers and is perfect for businesses running medium to large web hosting environments that demand a Zero-Downtime Network and our unparalleled Fanatical Support.

A Web browser for text terminals

Retawq is an interactive, multi-threaded Web browser for text terminals on computers with Unix-like operating systems. It is fast, small, highly configurable, and comfortable; e.g. the low-level communications are performed in a non-blocking way, and you can keep open as many “virtual windows” as you want and work simultaneously in two of them in a split-screen mode. Browsing has been improved.


You can now save web pages to disk, and several bugs have been fixed. This release implements support for HTML forms and some other HTML tags, improves FTP support, adds further configuration options, and adds support for the Spanish language. Support was added for configure scripts. HTML form problems were fixed. Contextual menus were implemented. Support for cookies and local CGI scripts was implemented, and portability was improved. The input of URLs is easier.


Local directory sorting options have been implemented. The HTML renderer has been improved. Support has been added for the Brazilian Portuguese language. This release uses HTTP/1.0 by default, as too many HTTP/1.1 servers are buggy. A “built-in curses” mode has been implemented as a library substitution. The xcurses mode has been improved. All IP addresses returned by DNS lookup are tried one after the other, not just the first. This release will optionally set the window title in xterm-like and GNU screen terminals. Portability has been improved.

Free Software hosting system

Savane is a Web-based Free Software hosting system, originally based on SourceForge 2.0. It currently includes bug tracking, project and member management, mailing lists, and individual account maintenance. This release has trivial cosmetic changes, enhanced session verification, and a script to monitor the number of messages pending in the mailman queue. A bug in user management which caused user accounts to be deleted when they were no longer members of any group has been fixed.


German and French translations have been added/updated. A member’s shell is now completely configurable. This release fixes a significant security bug that could lead to remote code execution by the Web-server user. Apart from that, many minor bugfixes and cosmetic improvements have been made, including spelling issues, code cleanups, i18n updates, better msg-id management of sent mail, clearer dependency list rendering, RFC822 compliance, and quoting of real names in From: and To: mail headers whenever appropriate. Project admins can now allow or disallow transitions from one field value (like status) to another on trackers.


Transitions can have special effects like assigning the item to another project member. XHTML is now used instead of HTML. Reminders of open items can now be sent at the project admin’s or user’s choice. The status (closed/open) of items are now shown with distinct colors. Priority colors are also shown when listing item dependencies. Cosmetics changes have been done and many bugs have been fixed.

60 Days Free Web Hosting

Current CI HOST customers who transfer their domains from CI HOST to NETHOLLYWOOD before July 31, 2000, will receive 60 days free Web Hosting with NETHOLLYWOOD. The 60 days will automatically start the first full calendar month after the 30 day money back guarantee period is completed. (No hosting fees will be charged for September & October, 2000.) There is no setup fee and the first month is automatically prorated. Web sites are created automatically upon registration.


This promotion originated as a result of individual and class-action lawsuits in progress against CI HOST which may leave CI HOST hosted web sites homeless. We create a great needed group to contribute to the Internet community, (over 100,000 messages about web hosting in unrelated groups – how many messages were there for groups you’ve created?), set up a mailing list and the moderation scripts, put out some news posts to spread the word in *related* newsgroups (the “cross-posted” messages you refer to), and posted a friendly message here to inform users who are interested to request their ISP to add it. Everything done right and in good faith and there is always at least 1 jagoff who has to be a jagoff about it.


It’s people like you that make it a *bad* idea to discuss a proposed newsgroup before sending the control. group. ;) Actually, if you read the posts in alt.webhosting, they mostly comprise of other web hosting companies’ ads. (None from NETHOLLYWOOD with the exception of this original message.) Apparently from all the responses to this message, any kind of host promotion is not welcome here, so point has been well taken and you will never see a commercial post from nethollywood.net in alt.www.webmaster again.

Recommended web hosting w/ cgi-bin, perl, etc?

I have a doteasy account and am horrified by how much they want to charge for adding cgi, perl, etc.I prefer a web hosting service that supports cgi, perl, etc (on windows server), and that also supports extensive site statistics. The ‘cgi-bin’ is just a directory, usually (hopefully) a script aliased directory. CGI is just an interface. Perl is just a program/interpreter.


I can’t imagine any hosts would not offer all of these things to allow you to use a script aliased directory to house CGI scripts coded in Perl. You would be hard pressed to find a host that doesn’t and I’d be suspicious of any that didn’t or would charge to offer those elements. You have a choice of about any host out there, in all honesty. Do some research and find one with the features you require or want and have a price you find reasonable, and then check to see if they have a good reputation and will be there in another week.


You should have no problem finding a decent host and you can always post back here to ask if anyone’s familiar with the host you end up considering. I don’t know anything about the host you mentioned above, so I can’t say if I’ve heard good or bad things. Sometimes no bad things is a good thing, but that’s not easy to base an assumption on either to assume they are quality or not. I’ve also not looked at the site to see if their plans look to be too good to be true, are not correct or if they seem to be clueless about some aspects, so I can’t comment on that either.

Reseller Account and Web Hosting

Most hosting services have a reseller acct option. They way that they work varies. The reseller acct Tina post about is one way of doing it, but there are others. I prefer to buy X number of megs of storage, and add the clients domains to the acct. For me it is a value added service deal for my clients (I do not resell space to people that I do not design for). My particular hosting service works on a cafeteria style basis by which I mean that I can buy, bandwidth, storage, and set-up new URLs and needed and pay for what I use.


Go to shop around at various hosting services. Look at their reseller programs. They vary from host to host. Having had a few problematic relationships with hosts, we decided to go our own way (sound familiar?). The best option for us was to lease large-capacity virtual servers, which give us complete access to the Apache conf files and essentially allow us to manage the space ourselves. All the host does is provide the box, the connection and maintenance (OK, support too, which is always useful).


There are a number of companies that offer this service both in the US and here in the UK – and I’m sure there must be some down under (even though I can’t name any). The advantage of this approach, rather than a straight reseller deal, is that you do have total control and can configure to your hearts delight. Need PHP and MySQL? Install it! The disadvantage is that it does require learning about the Apache server, which I would recommend anyhow (There’s always more to learn in this industry, and the more you learn the more you can offer).

Web Hosting for the Future

As opposed to web hosting for the past ? To avoid the hassle, why didn’t you just read one of the squillion threads and then word your ad so that it wouldn’t be classed as spam. BTW, if you are going to use crap marketing techniques like using a female name in usenet to draw attention to your message, please have the foresight to remove your name from the bottom of the post…….. unless of course you are spamming on Steves behalf.


In any case, are all your prices in Aussie dollars ? sounds like some great deals. Can you fix your pages so they don’t Hscroll in 800×600 and can you also fix the resolution on your title image ( this is your point of ‘Branding’ remember). Oh, and align the three graphics would look quite good, so would using a screen font like verdana, arial, tahoma, helvetica etc rather than a type writer font (TNR). Oh, and I think most of us here would expect you to have an understanding of meta tags. I know that sounds harsh, but please remember where you are posting, this is not alt.kids.barbie.picnic.


Anyway, good luck with the new biz and hope to see you posting *properly* soon. As one who has a life outside of aww, I find some of these ads relevant and useful in chasing down leads for some of my projects… I have no intention of subscribing to another newsgroup just to locate what I consider “on topic” to my interests in this group.