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I currently have a reseller account with Webfusion, however I am looking into their dedicated server packages such as the RAQ4. My only concern with this package is the amount of bandwidth that is on offer – 5GB. Is this enough for a server that will host a growing number of websites? I intend to configure multiple websites on the server using virtual servers, however the bandwidth allowance seems a bit small to me when you compare that each virtual server on the standard reseller account gets 3GB each per month, what does anyone else think?


This is one of the web hosting issues that you really need an actuarial qualification to work out. You need to charge enough for hosting to cover your bandwidth costs, keep prices attractive and make a profit. You sell 10 plans with 3GB allowance each per month = 30GB However, you know that half those plans will use nearer 500MB so you take an average of 1GB = 10GB Then you have to look at the cost of the additional 5GB and try and fix a price for the plan which balances the risk correctly. A lot of this will depend on how Webfusion bill for additional bandwidth. Do they do it per GB or do they do it in discounted blocks.


If they do discounted blocks like 10 or 25 GB you can add the cost of one of those into your equation to start with. OR do they use the 95% rule where they charge for bandwidth based on 30 x 95% of the usage on the peak day of the month (very sneaky – done by quite a number of server hosting companies). If it helps you I know that our average bandwidth use across all clients is around 1 – 1.5GB per month. I also know another web hosting company who have similar figures, but it will really depend on the type of site you are hosting.

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