PHP WikiWikiWeb clone for Web site management

PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone that is primarily designed as a tool to support easy, collaborative authoring and maintenance of Web sites. This release enhancemed the [[include:]] markup to allow for parts of another page, delimited by anchors and/or line numbers, to be included into the current page. Previously it would always include the full contents of another page into the current page.


This release replaces the call to an external patch utility with a function written entirely in PHP. It also enables the [[include:]] markup within sidebar pages, and allows local customization of group header and footer pages used in printed versions of a page. This release lets authors provide one-line summaries of any edits they make to pages. It also provides additional markup sequences for displaying code, and improvements to the external pmwe (pmwikieditor) script. This version added “WikiFarms”, a method for running multiple independent wikis (“fields”) on a system from a single installation.


Each field in a WikiFarm can have its own URL, set of pages, WikiGroups, local customizations, and uploads, and each field can be created, owned, and administered from an account other than the one holding the PmWiki farm installation. The farm administrator can provide farm-wide customizations, as well as manage software upgrades for all fields within the farm. No substantial changes were introduced in this release, and upgrades should be seamless. Page history can now be password-protected, and the ability to use multiple question marks in URL query strings was added.

A program to create a Web frontend to a database

MySiteMaker is a collection of CGI tools to rapidly create Web interfaces to database tables. It includes a Web-based configuration tool that automatically generates search, results, and edit HTML screens. The search screen is easy to use and allows the data to be exported in a variety of formats. Radical changes were made to how mySiteMaker handles related tables. You can now join in data from other tables (beyond the limited joins that were made for columns that used pulldown menus and radio buttons for input).


Miscellaneous bugfixes were made. This release has the option of displaying or editing a primary key, Italian support, miscellaneous bugfixes during the configuration process. miscellaneous bugfixes with direct and indirect relations, and database support redesign. HTML data that may be stored in the database before it is printed out is escaped. This is almost a complete rewrite. The configuration files are probably compatible.


The documentation has been updated a bit. There is a new installer. Field sizes on the Edit records page have been increased. The debug level has been reduced. The installer asks for Red Hat/Debian/Other (submit your distribution’s paths). General_search might have the help files in the right place now. There are last and first links in addition to next and previous. COLUMN_HEADERS are partially implemented (see the Conf mods howto). Session timeout has been dropped from 4 hours to 5 minutes.

Recommended web hosting w/ cgi-bin, perl, etc?

I have a doteasy account and am horrified by how much they want to charge for adding cgi, perl, etc.I prefer a web hosting service that supports cgi, perl, etc (on windows server), and that also supports extensive site statistics. The ‘cgi-bin’ is just a directory, usually (hopefully) a script aliased directory. CGI is just an interface. Perl is just a program/interpreter.


I can’t imagine any hosts would not offer all of these things to allow you to use a script aliased directory to house CGI scripts coded in Perl. You would be hard pressed to find a host that doesn’t and I’d be suspicious of any that didn’t or would charge to offer those elements. You have a choice of about any host out there, in all honesty. Do some research and find one with the features you require or want and have a price you find reasonable, and then check to see if they have a good reputation and will be there in another week.


You should have no problem finding a decent host and you can always post back here to ask if anyone’s familiar with the host you end up considering. I don’t know anything about the host you mentioned above, so I can’t say if I’ve heard good or bad things. Sometimes no bad things is a good thing, but that’s not easy to base an assumption on either to assume they are quality or not. I’ve also not looked at the site to see if their plans look to be too good to be true, are not correct or if they seem to be clueless about some aspects, so I can’t comment on that either.

Web Hosting for the Future

As opposed to web hosting for the past ? To avoid the hassle, why didn’t you just read one of the squillion threads and then word your ad so that it wouldn’t be classed as spam. BTW, if you are going to use crap marketing techniques like using a female name in usenet to draw attention to your message, please have the foresight to remove your name from the bottom of the post…….. unless of course you are spamming on Steves behalf.


In any case, are all your prices in Aussie dollars ? sounds like some great deals. Can you fix your pages so they don’t Hscroll in 800×600 and can you also fix the resolution on your title image ( this is your point of ‘Branding’ remember). Oh, and align the three graphics would look quite good, so would using a screen font like verdana, arial, tahoma, helvetica etc rather than a type writer font (TNR). Oh, and I think most of us here would expect you to have an understanding of meta tags. I know that sounds harsh, but please remember where you are posting, this is not


Anyway, good luck with the new biz and hope to see you posting *properly* soon. As one who has a life outside of aww, I find some of these ads relevant and useful in chasing down leads for some of my projects… I have no intention of subscribing to another newsgroup just to locate what I consider “on topic” to my interests in this group.

CIWeb Hosting or Nexpoint Technologies web hosting

I am looking for a web hosting company that can provide at least 200MBs of space, unlimited data transfer and streaming audio (real). The site I need to host is going to be a radio program site with show archives. Some shows may also be archived at another site. Anyone have any thoughts on the companys listed below that I am considering? I am not interested in Windows NT or 2000 hosting, only unix.


No such thing as unlimited data transfer. In fact, you should be very suspicious if you find a company that promises unlimited *anything*. Okay, they are listed as offering “unlimited” bandwidth on a web hosting comparision, but the actual site says the offer “unmetered data transfer”. The provider Clients are privileged to be offered unmetered bandwidth for their web sites. The intention is to provide a large space to serve web documents, not an offsite storage area for electronic files.


75% of all files must be linked with files, which are stored on the provider servers. Failure to do so will result in warning, suspension, deletion, or cancellation at the discretion of the provider management. The client is required to have the entire site using less than 10% of the system resources on the server where the site is located. Software Download sites, Warez sites, Adult Content sites, and illegal content sites are not allowed on the Provider’s servers which provide unmetered bandwidth. The provider is the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of any of these provisions.”

PHP & ASP on the same HOST

I was ready to choose a linux/apache host to develop a site in php when i knew that an important part of the website had been made by a society in ASP for NT (with MS databases). But i realy want to develop the site in PHP ! I really try to find a solution to get all the pages (php and asp) on the same site, and if possible, without having 2 different hosting solutions (because of the cost).


If you look at Netcraft’s analysis of ‘active’ sites, you’ll see an awful lot of people do. I use NT for showcaster – but that’s mainly due to Hardware drivers for my CT hardware not being available on linux, and the PPT installed. This afternoons meeting looks like a perl/mysql/linux soln – although why anyone would be that interested in what’s going with their gas machine to monitor it via the web I have no idea. (although I understand they have some preconcieved ideas of MS SQLServer.)


At least the linux things that open word can do it more quickly than Office itself these days. And you don’t get a stupid paperclip trying to boss you around. I have staroffice, and though not quite so annoying as ms office, it’s certainly both slow and heavy. Indeed, the overall control is so like ms that a friend whose office job requires use of ms office can look over my shoulder and say “you need that menu, then ..” when I’m trying to do something slightly interesting, like generate a pretty chart from a bunch of numbers.

Anyone had any problems with

The company I work for have registered 5 domains through them this week. All the .uk ones went through same day, still waiting for NSI(?) to do their update for the .com one though. In addition to that we also completed a transfer of a domain to them. Again, no problems with that. I must say that I am very disappointed not to have had a reply…


Has anyone else had problems like this with them? If anyone has a contact They’ve been OK with us. They could just be busy and have people on holiday due to Easter? address that will actually illicit a response from them then it would be appreciated. Sorry, I just use the normal support one from the web site. I have a problem last week with mail redirection on 3 domains but the rest were fine this was just after the change over they were very good at responding.


I do know Peter is doing some of the help desk emails as a friend of mine balls up his domain redirection and he said they were most helpful. usually the webhosting company requests that you transfer the domain name to them (although this is not actually necessary). You will have to enquire as to what their policy is on this. If you register a domain with us and then transfer it to the webhosting company, we do not charge for this (although the hosting company may do).

Domain name and hosting packages

I’m pretty new to web authoring. I’ve been working with Dreamwaever for a while, having used an old copy of FrontPage before that. I’ve done a few sites, mostly for fun and now two people want me to build sites for them. I’ve been upfront about my limitations. Problem: I’ve never registered a domain name or signed up with a hosting service and don’t know what to look out for.


Can anyone give me a few suggestions about the best packages to go for? Both sites are for people in the UK. One is to be a relatively simple site for the sake of a web presence. It will have a few contact details, “what we offer”, client list type stuff as well as a dedicated e-mail address. There is a slim possibility of putting a form on the site but there will be no e-commerce. All the target visitors are expected to be UK or Ireland. There is unlikely to be a large volume of hits. The other is a portfolio site (text rather than pictures), to be accessed further afield than the UK and with an e-mail address.


There will be no high-quality images and it will be used little. (Probably never more than 10 hits a day, usually one or two). I know this question must be tedious but I would appreciate any help in choosing the best package, with cost being a major consideration. I host a number of sites with 10Quid. I don’t get a kickback for recommendations since they withdrew their affiliate program.

Takers for Web Hosting

It seems that most cheap web hosting are in Singapore. Are they reliable? What about Malaysia web hosting? Who support Malaysia web hosting? The cheapest is at Utusan Web Server RM750 with IP,DNS and 5mb .It is just that the IT people does not fully utlise thier Million dollar equipment,I have visited their servers and they had SunSparc ,IBM and NT as WebServer Apps,BUT!!!sadly they can just do static web-hosting and even for CGI it has to be on request function.


You cant even run Frontpage!!!! so if you are just looking for a cheap web-hosting service but not Frontpage supported then they are the one!!!. I had subscribed to them but did not renew as they promised me Frontpage Extension which they said can be done in a week…..It was a YEAR ago!!. The cheapest is in US. For about RM1500/month you can rent a whole Sun Ultra Sparc with hundreds MB of RAM and gigabytes of SCSI HDD dedicated to you (not shared with others), hosted with 155Mbps leased line. You can’t find cheap hosting in Malaysia now because the leased line in Malaysia is extremely expensive.


Even a 64K leased line with take you about RM40,000/year (line only, not count equipments yet). Therefore, how come people with server in Malaysia provide cheap hosting? Unless their server is also hosted oversea, which is always the real case for most Malaysian web-hosting company. Better chose a hosting server which put the banner inside the page rather than pop it up with javascript.

Small client wants web applications

My client is a small company (a salon) who wants their web site to have functions of a large company’s web site. This is what they want: 1. Opt-in subscription list for HTML email newsletter 2. Online store 3. Online appointment booking I originally thought hiring a developer would be too costly for my client so I looked into several web based services that seem quick, convenient and easy to use. However, I have several concerns with this approach, which are: 1. By outsourcing my client’s needs to 3-4 different vendors my client’s web site will lack symmetry and flow. 2. I doubt these services can be customized to meet my client’s specific needs.


For example, to avoid no-shows and last minute cancellations, they want to hold appointments with credit cards, and I don’t know if web based online booking services, such as TimeTrade can accomodate this. 3. Some of these services are costly, and after adding up monthly fees from 3-4 different vendors, I’m wondering if just hiring a developer would be cheaper, not to mention offer the convenience of one bill vs. several. 4. I want web applications that can cost-effectively handle their present needs, yet still grow with them. I know this is a tall order. For example, I know with their mailing needs, Outlook may be able to handle the few hundred emails on their present list, but as people sign up online and the list grows, wouldn’t mailing list software (I’ve looked at Miva Mailer and Bronto) be better?


Does anyone have any recommendations? What is the most cost-effective, quickest solution that will grow with my client? If I should hire a developer, how can I find one I can trust? Stores/Shopping Carts are easiest to buy already created…the site I am currently developing will also have a store and I am getting this through the web hosting company that I recommended for my client. This way the hosting company is liable for any security breaches – not you. They also usually handle credit card authorization, merchant accounts, etc. Add-in shopping carts & stores are usually skin-able. (put your own look with html & images) The host that I use is reliable and inexpensive.