A GNOME Web browser

Galeon is a GNOME Web browser based on Gecko (the Mozilla rendering engine). It is fast, has a light interface, and is fully standards-compliant. This is the first unstable development release of Galeon based on GNOME 2 libraries and GTK2 Mozilla. It’s a development version and may not work as expected. It may crash and even damage other data. Testing and bug reporting is encouraged, and patches welcome. Back up the .galeon directory before first use. The Mozilla GTK2 port is still incomplete, and a patch needs to be applied. Galeon 1.3.0 has been a nearly complete rewrite. Many features have been retained, some have been dropped, some will be put back in the future, and a few have been added.


This release works with Mozilla 1.2.x and trunk. Compatability symbols have been added so that plugins compiled with gcc 2.x will work even if the program was compiled with gcc 3.x. Proxy preferences have been moved to the GNOME control center (control center version 2.1.2 or later is required). Right mouse button gestures are now actually usable, FTP browsing works again, and the “New” toolbar button has been restored. Tab detaching and dragging between windows has been added. Saving and restoring the GNOME session works again, as well as the ability to choose helper applications. Many more bugfixes are included.


This release works with Mozilla 1.3a, 1.3b and trunk. Context menus for Back/Up/Forward buttons as well as bookmarks menu items are back, as well as a native cookie dialog. There are bookmark editor improvements, a nice disclosure widget from gnome-media, context menu fixes, better handling of non-western on-disk filename encoding, updated default bookmarks, and a redesigned MyPortal. Configure now reads the Mozilla version from the pkgconfig files. There are many bugfixes, API streamlining, and sanity improvements.

MySQL/browser-based frontend for managing Apache Web servers

MysqlApache is a MySQL/browser based frontend for managing large numbers of Apache Web servers (each of more than a 1000 virtual and IP-based Web sites). It is part of the OpenISP project and works with mysqlBind. This release allows configuration of name-based and IP-based sites. This is the first functional release, with an improved installer and some documentation.


The root crontab job queue processing is working, as is Webalizer, Frontpage, and MySQL enabling for sites. UserDir is supported for automated ISP “~user” style homepages. Many new commented templates were added for Apache 1.3 and 2. docs/tutorial.html was greatly expanded. Internal release 1.32 was tested and packaged for this major release. Schema changes for new hits, byte traffic, and HD storage data collection. Includes a new traffic.c for this purpose. This release also includes a 1.41 bugfix site-only release. The tUsage table schema and traffic.c usage and traffic gathering system have been completely changed.


A sequential database-driven Webalize (or analog) command line function has been added. Email and FTP traffic data collection per-site and per-site-user(s) have been added. Possible site MySQL database HD usage has been added to the automated usage collection system. The site ownership system has been changed to conform with the optional mysqlISP WAN ISP management system. New files have been added to the basic new Web site template tar. Deleted site and site users id have been fixed to match the original. Command line read-only archiving of usage data has been added. tUsageMonth has been added to manage large data-set warehousing of monthly usage stats.

Web Hosting Disaster

I run a site that needs to be up 100% of the time. I realize that if the major backbone goes down then it might be down for a while – but this should almost never happen. I have dealt with 3 Web Hosting companies the first I don’t know the name but our site went down for 15 hours+ because one of the site on the shared server got too big. So we switched to CiHost BIG MISTAKE!!!! They are the WORST company I have ever dealt with with a total downtime of over 3 days (entirely their fault due to a disk error and they wouldn’t switch us to a new server).


Next we decided to switch to a dedicated server with FederalNet. We had some setting up issues with them… they thought it was ok if the site was down while internic switched the domain names…. lots of configuration problems as well. And now our site was down for 10+ hours with them and our secure server after 10 days is still not setup after they promised us no longer than a week. My biggest concern is that CiHost was highly recommended, and so was FederalNet. Does anyoen know how I can go accross getting a hosting company that is good? Or should I just screw is and convince my by boss to pull a T1 line in the building and do it ourselves (of course that is the last resource dure to the cost)….


There about a million and one ways that a web host can cut corners and sacrifice long term high uptime percentages and excellent performance. Short-term, anyone can get lucky, and some do. Many in this business rely on the axiom that customers think they will use much more bandwidth and disk space then they actually do. Sorry, but getting a lot of traffic to a non-porn web site is not an easy feat in and of itself. I work in this business, and I can tell you that if you that if hosting is business critical for you DO NOT, repeat DO NOT, use shared servers, period, end of story. Sorry for the bad news, but those who do deserve what they get.

Aspects of web hosting

Since that is the only thing I’ve found on DigiHost (good or bad), it’s hard to say. The guy who kept posting the ActiveX infested html stuff was asking about atomiccow.com or something like that. It’s the same type of problem here: they aren’t big enough to warrant massive quantities of posts, but (apparently) aren’t horrible enough to do so either. Additionally, in this case, we’re dealing with someone who was a reseller, and not an individual just looking for a spot on the wild range of the ‘Net.


Unfortunately, the thread listed in the link does not have enough information to draw any justifiable conclusions. I’m sure that Alex (the original poster) felt he had been wronged – but this is not like the Lose Hosting or CIHost fiascos, where there is tons of stuff to sift through. This particular case, it’s almost impossible to tell. There was one post in that thread defending the person who runs DigiHost, with a request for more information from the original poster, which was never given. A couple of times in that thread, and here on this group, it’s been said that “you get what you pay for”. This is a little misleading – you should get what’s been advertised to you when you’re paying for it.


Doesn’t always happen that way, obviously. But sometimes you have to take the chance. Also, I only recommend mavcorp to people because I know how hard it is to find a reliable host…hell, over the past 3 years i’ve been with over 10 hosts..on both platforms…I don’t get paid for recommending my current host…and if it insults you that much I’ll stop recommending to people a reliable host and start pointing them to…..any suggestions? As for web2010..stating “The World’s Largest Web Hosting Network” on their site kinda scares me…I mean, are they really the world’s largest web hosting network? You might want to find that out…cause false claims on a hosts page is a big warning sign in my opinion.

Benefits of Unlimited Web hosting

If you want people to sign up shouldn’t you give them a way TO sign up? And for the love of all that is holy, please correct the typo’s on your web design page. If you are unsure about content you intend to place on our network, please check with us before you do. We may reply or not. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes acceptable use. Once you have signed up, there is a NO MONEY BACK policy! If you inquire about any extra features, we will automatically bill you for the service. Any inquiries are deemed as a contract. For example, if you inquire how much a name server costs, we will bill your credit card for this service.


Or if you inquire about another plan, we will bill you for that plan. Once again, any inquiries are deemed as a contract. You offer UNLIMITED hosting services. Yeah, unlimited as long as you dont have any files other than html, gif, jpg, php, cgi or pl. As long as your images arnt over 10k, as long as you dont have more than 6 images per page, as long as every single file is linked from the main page. Oh, and we can charge your card for anything we like, and cancel your account for any reason we like. 1. One client had a simple midi file that was considered “Steaming Media” and it was not his.


So the client broke 2 rules! Copyright, and Steaming Media! 2. The other client had a couple of images of his family on his site. They were not linked. “We are not a Data Repository and the files had no visible link”. 3. There was a $300.00 bill charged on my credit card. I simply inquired about getting my own name server. Signed up for nothing, filled out no form. I told them I called my credit card and canceled payment, since they charged me for an inquiry. They told me they would fight it. I won’t say the name of the co.uk company, but if you have been no the net for a while you might recognize the co.uk name!

Domain Name Forwarding

I have just registered a domain name (with nomodo.com) and am currently using web-forwarding. This works fine, however and I reach my site via the domain name. However in the browser address bar I loose my domain name and the address becomes the forwarded one(on my ISP).The forwarding company would need to have a page which was one frame within which your site would be displayed. To be honest, we found web forwarding to be more of a hindrance than a help so we started providing 10MB of web space/POP3 and webmail as an option with domain registrations.


Its much more reliable. Most people just use the space to forward somewhere else and use the e-mail account. They forward either by having one entry page on our server or by using a frames page. Depends on the type of forwarding you want to do – looks to me you want something like ‘frame based masked forwarding’. How do we achieve this – we give you web space and a domain name within a tenner a year – so you get proper web hosting on your domain name for next to nothing. If for example you do not wish to host the web site on our servers then you cam do masked forwarding.. just login to the control panel, go to the tools section and click on the web redirection link.


Fill in some details, click OK and hey presto… instant frame based forwarding and you did not need to write any code. ;) All the tools we provide for your benefit are custom written fromt he ground up – so if you want the following.. Counter, Masked forwarding, WAP pages, htaccess code, guest book – then at the click of a button you can have these installed in your web space with us. No more headaches trying to get a matts script trying to work.

Quality web hosting for less than 2 pounds a month

Due to a funding crisis in our hosting department (over-buying space) we need to get as many people as possible to take up hosting with us ASAP so that we can cover our costs. We have quality hosting based in central London – we are not your average cheap off-shore host, but we would like to offer people real discounts. If you visit plexusdesigns you can have a look at our standard prices and packages.


Please contact me directly (Peter Neve at peter.n…@faktoriadigital.com), with offers of what you need. (eg. you might want one of our budget hosting accounts but with MySQL, extra email accounts, we are open to suggestions) If you get friends to sign up we can offer you discounts. If you get you friend to sign up for a normal account (which is pretty cheap at our full rate), we can give you 25% off your account, introduce four friends and get your account free. We need to fill up space ASAP, but once we have enough clients these offers will finish. This isn´t going to pull the company under OK. We offer our hosting very cheaply (we´re designers, not just a hosting company, we make our money on the designing front), the hosting was ending up costing us money. Luckily enough customers are turning up.

Web Hosting Promotion

You’re offering ‘unlimited bandwidth’ because your server does not limit how much bandwidth a site can use, and hence abc.com can use as much bandwidth as it needs. Hence “unlimited”, like a buffet, “eat all you like”. I would however strongly caution you from using such a term when it comes to web hosting. This may be less so for the typical Malaysian customer, but from my experience with my international clients and feedback from the alt.www.webmaster newsgroup as well as other web hosting forums I participate in, the term ‘unlimited bandwidth / hits / transfers is frowned upon.


I know a great deal many clients who will not even look at a company that offers “unlimited bandwidth” as it shows that they do not have a set policy when it comes to bandwidth utilisation. Take a second and think – what if you suddenly get a large customer who starts using up huge amounts of bandwidth – say 50GB a month, for maybe a large hobby site with a talk forum with a substantial number of users? He’s expecting you to be able to fulfil your promise of RM 99 a year for unlimited bandwidth – what do you do with him them? Allow him to go on growing, slowing down your server to a crawl, costing you loads in extra bandwidth charges with Time, and just charging him RM 99 for this?


Tell him that he needs to pay more and risk angering and losing the customer? Similiarly, if I was running a site, I would rather know from the start how much bandwidth and resources I can use, rather than to worry when the web host will ask me to leave or to pay more because I’m using “too much”. Or worse – maybe this host doesn’t even bother about bandwidth, and just keeps adding new customers till the server goes to a crawl… Just friendly advise from another web host. I would seriously lay down ground rules and policies before signing up users – this way you instill trust (which is a very important thing when it comes to hosting!) from the very beginning.

DSN less connections on hosting

In the past Ive had lost of success using Dreamweaver 8 to create dsn-less conections on a remote testing server. It has always been a Windows server. Recently i have been looking at creating a simple blog page for a friend using an Access database on his web hosting on a Linux server using ASP VBScript. It is virtual hosting so all the pages have to be FTPd to a directory called “web” Im sure I have setup my site definitions correctly locally and on the testing server.


However after editing my custom connection string and clicking the test key I cannot establish a connection. The connection string I am using is similar to the following “Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=” & Server.Mappath(“\DBPath\db.mdb”) I commonly get error message 500 “Unknown server Error” after pressing the test button. Im pretty sure the connection string is correct and its something to do with the fact its on virtual hosting (but i did think using Server.Mappath would handle that) or its because its a Linux server. More specifically – the hosting provider won’t change /your/ file structure.


But they may change theirs, which could result in a file path like D:\clients\username1234\database\mydb.mdb changing to r: ewserver ewpath ewusername\databases\mydb.mdb Hopefully they would notify you in advance, though. Recently i have been looking at creating a simple blog page for a friend using an Access database on his web hosting on a Linux server using ASP VBScript. ASP/VBSCRIPT/ACCESS on a Linux box is possible. I used it many years ago with ChiliSoft ASP. It’s now called Sun Java System Active Server Pages.

Quality Web Hosting

It is now easier to set your company apart from the rest with your own domain name. For $39.95 per month and a one time setup fee of $99.00*, your account will have full email capabilities (you@your_company.com) and a URL such as “www.your_company.com”, as well as all of the following: 1. Domain name registration provided (www.your_company.com) 2. Multiple Email address forwarding included (you@your_company.com) 3. 24 hour unlimited updates via your own FTP account 4. Secure user accounts for the customer to perform content updates 5. Unique IP Address(es) 6. Server name and address registration


7. 500 MB of data transfer per month ($0.12 per MB over 500 MB) 8. 10 MB of disk space for your html documents & graphics ($1 per MB over 10MB) 9. Detailed Web usage statistics & access to raw log files 10. T1 line to the Internet used exclusively for Web site hosting, no busy dial-up traffic! 11. Physically secure facility 12. Monitoring of network connection to server by an alarmed system that notifies operations in case of a connectivity failure 13. Assisted custom CGI script support 14. Full operational support of servers, applications, business processes, enterprise information assets 15. Support for FrontPage, Perl, Java, and ActiveX 16. Video support – AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, SGI and Microsoft Video 17. Audio support – WAV and AIFF Audio (RealAudio available) 18. Guaranteed or your money back!


All of this for only $39.95 per month! Sorry for any trouble. Our new sales associate, Jeanie, didn’t realize posting a message in MULTIPLE relevant topic newsgroups was also considered spamming. Of course, sending a message to unrelated newsgroups is commonly known as spamming, and should not be tolerated. She will have to send only one message to one newsgroup over a reasonable period of time.