Discussion and collaboration for online and face-to-face courses

CourseForum provides a painless, straightforward and flexible solution for posting and sharing course materials, class discussions, and student collaboration. It can be used for lecture notes, Q&A, class discussions, research, student portfolios, projects, and more. The easy Web browser interface and quick installation lets you get started in minutes, and everyone can easily create, read, and contribute.


This version provides many changes to make getting started even easier: a new default course structure, hints on making use of pages, streamlined course creation, and more. Stylesheets and images can now be branded, and the unlicensed version is more functional. A variety of other new features and bugfixes are also included. This release contains a wide range of enhancements throughout the software. There is a new centralized page list and deletion options for administrators, extended authentication and privacy options for projects, several new site-wide customization options, new online support forums, installation enhancements, and several additional bug fixes and enhancements.


This version features two major new advancements, as well as a host of smaller updates. First, it offers a brand new look, and features a choice of several different themes for each forum, and allows custom themes to be easily created and added. Second, new capabilities were added, making it easier to integrate existing Web information directly into forums, both standalone Web pages and Web services.

A graphical VRML97 editor and animation tool

VRML97 (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) is the ISO standard for displaying 3D data over the web via browserplugins. It has support for animation, realtime interaction and multimedia (image, movie, sound). Dune can read VRML97 files, display and let the user change the scenegraph/fields, and load and store x3d (next generation VRML xml format) files if configured to work with the nist.gov x3d translators.


It also has support for stereoscopic view via “quadbuffer”-capable stereo visuals. Usage of 6D devices makes now sense if you clicked to a Transform node at the first level of scenegraph. The Navigation icon can be used with mouse input. Colorcircle is accelerated. This release works on Mac OS X. This port is based on X11/glX/XFree86, and requires fink. With the current XFree86 4.2, the 3D performance of OpenGL/Mesa3D is very slow. A G3 Mac typically delivers 3 frames per second when running white_dune. A bug in which 6D inputdevice input on Transform node only made sense for limited levels of the scenegraph was fixed.


Dune can now be configured to use Barts black & white icons. The documentation was updated. Support for making RPM package files on Mandrake Linux was added. A bugfix concerning scale operations with 3D input devices was made. This release adds Aaron Crams/SAND dune support for the DevIL library. When DevIL is installed, white_dune can load more texture image formats, such as TIFF, RGB, and BMP (in addition to the JPEG, PNG, and GIF required by the VRML97 standard.)

Web-based FTP client

WTP is a Web-based FTP client that features bookmarks, uploading, downloading, deleting, moving, and renaming of files and directories. It allows administrators to limit the hostnames to which users can connect. Currently only Unix FTP servers are supported.This release adds various bugfixes in the handling of directory names and filenames with weird characters (ampersands, spaces, pluses, etc.), a document with testcases, and bugfixes in the login screen.


The ability to hide or show hidden files was added. Directories are now always shown at the top of the list. FTP rawlist summary lines are no longer shown. The pop-up size bug was fixed. This release fixes numerous warnings and some bugs in the sorting, and has better error checking. The code was cleaned up and some small parts were rewritten. This release supports FTP servers on non-standard ports, anonymous access, and will work correctly with register_globals set to off. Rackspace offers your choice of Microsoft or Linux managed servers and is perfect for businesses running medium to large web hosting environments that demand a Zero-Downtime Network and our unparalleled Fanatical Support.

Reliable bulk email friendly web hosting services

If you want to promote your web site via commercial email, bullet proof web= hosting is a must! As you may already know, many web hosting companies have Terms of Service= (TOS) or Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) against the delivery of emails advertising or promoting= your web site. If your web site host receives complaints or discovers that your web site has= been advertised in email broadcasts, they may disconnect your account and shut down your web= site.


We offer reliable bulk email friendly web hosting services. You can now ha= ve the peace of mind knowing that your web site is secure during your email marketing campaigns= =2E This means you can send bulk email with your website address in it, and your website will not= get shut down! We can do this because we put your website in our overseas server where th= e local law protects your web site not being shut down by any reason.

60 Days Free Web Hosting

Current CI HOST customers who transfer their domains from CI HOST to NETHOLLYWOOD before July 31, 2000, will receive 60 days free Web Hosting with NETHOLLYWOOD. The 60 days will automatically start the first full calendar month after the 30 day money back guarantee period is completed. (No hosting fees will be charged for September & October, 2000.) There is no setup fee and the first month is automatically prorated. Web sites are created automatically upon registration.


This promotion originated as a result of individual and class-action lawsuits in progress against CI HOST which may leave CI HOST hosted web sites homeless. We create a great needed group to contribute to the Internet community, (over 100,000 messages about web hosting in unrelated groups – how many messages were there for groups you’ve created?), set up a mailing list and the moderation scripts, put out some news posts to spread the word in *related* newsgroups (the “cross-posted” messages you refer to), and posted a friendly message here to inform users who are interested to request their ISP to add it. Everything done right and in good faith and there is always at least 1 jagoff who has to be a jagoff about it.


It’s people like you that make it a *bad* idea to discuss a proposed newsgroup before sending the control. group. ;) Actually, if you read the posts in alt.webhosting, they mostly comprise of other web hosting companies’ ads. (None from NETHOLLYWOOD with the exception of this original message.) Apparently from all the responses to this message, any kind of host promotion is not welcome here, so point has been well taken and you will never see a commercial post from nethollywood.net in alt.www.webmaster again.

Cost efficient hosting solutions

I am a non-pro who manages a couple of dozen sites for friends and nonprofits. But I also advise companies on their marketing, including their online presence (then bringing in professionals to design and build the sites.) The larger ones have in-house or on-call IT professionals, dedicated servers, etc. But the smaller companies would be ideal candidates for the kind of service you are considering. Their websites typically are brochure-ware, not e-commerce portals, so having the web pages offline for a few hours is an annoying inconvenience, but not a disaster. E-mail, however, is a different story.


When that goes down, business executives get frantic. A service that offers stable e-mail availability would be attractive. (A backup website, even a customized “Our site is offline temporarily, please check back soon” page, would be a plus.) I’d suggest you consider an insurance-style pricing strategy: charge a modest fee per website, perhaps $3 (US) per month, PLUS a kick-in fee of perhaps $100 if and when the cheapo server hiccups or dies and you have to leap in and save the day. You might have levels of service: for example, you could ping the e-mail system every hour for the basic fee, every 30 minutes for a few bucks more, every 10 minutes for even more, and so on. A company with hundreds of e-mail accounts would expect to pay more than one with a dozen or so.


Some hosting outfits or web designers might want to resell your service. Customers today know that websites go down for reasons ranging from hurricanes to backhoes, whether the box is at The Planet or in Murray’s basement. Paying more for hosting is not an absolute guarantee of zero downtime. What you are proposing is a way to increase the customer’s comfort level about somethey they see as vital to their daily business, and many of them will be willing to pay a reasonable price for that.

TUBhost Web Hosting and Design

Get your site online for a low cost with quality personal service. We have many account types available for a person with an existing site looking to expand or a newcomer that needs a domain (www.yourname.com) and would like some space on the web to store it.If you want it commercial free, we really should take a vote on a stance on blatant ads from service providers, their customers, third parties etc. The most often used stance of it’s ok to recommend in response to a direct question about a particular type of product/service would be a far more sensible approach – again, in my opinion. Technically speaking anyone can flood alt* USENET with spam. Their problem is their terms of use of both their service providers. The point of what will be tolerated is down to the individual. How much UCP will you put up with before you file a complaint about it?


As has been made quite public in the past, I have never filed a single complaint about spammers in AWW, neither have I ever killfiled anybody. Why? its an alt* principle thing. A few of months before you were posting here, there was a large battle between REK and Barney Rubble. REK and his side were posting “reported” after every UCP and Barney’s side were trying to get them to stop, and just report *real* spam to the service providers and stop posting “reported” (seeing as many of the newsservers didn’t pick up the original spam anyway). I was on Barney’s side. It got so bad in the end that members from both sides had to get accounts from cotse.com to post, as Steve had a rigid policy to his TOU and watched over the entire flame war. With all that in mind, it comes down to quality. Here we have a duty to protect our NG. Much of the alt* hierarchy is now unusable because of UCP. My perception is that if somebody takes the time to subscribe to AWW and read through the posts, they should be able to read some great advice and enjoy some banter between some of the worlds greatest web gurus.


That is IMO why this group is so popular among the alt* hierarchy groups. However, if that person is subjected to crap like “the worlds best web designers, free cup of tea to the first 10,000 people to sign up with us” and it’s left unchecked, it could be deemed an accolade by the group. To summise, we can’t hold votes because nothing can be enforced beyond the individual SP’s TOU. Unscrupulous posters will always be around while posting services are available. We can *not* make this NG commercial free. We can, however, battle the commercials with our available weapons and in our own ways.

Dynamic site that tries to save ASP pages locally

I am still having a problem with my dynamic site executing on the web. I developed it with a local testing server, changed the site to define my remote server as my web hosting server, uploaded everything and then began to test. THe pages that do not have the database work fine. Any page that calls my database tries to save the actual page on my local drive.


This is just a guess, but I think you will need to re-write your connect string — particularly the part that identifies the database. I think you will need o tdo something like: MM_bawine2004_STRING = “Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=” + Server.MapPath(“/database/bawine2004.mdb”) + “;Persist Security Info=False” Assuming you are using ASP and that the file in question sits above the /database directory in your tree structure. You will have to adjust that accordingly. That doesn’t mean it’s on your local drive. Your hosting company has a local drive on its web server, too, probably also called C.


And, if they’re running IIS, that path looks correct. Of course, this assumes that your user directory is your domain name. That’s how one of my hosts does it, too, so I wouldn’t be surprised. You should get more information than that out of an error message. Check the bottom of the page for the “technical information” section. Or maybe you have “friendly error messages” turned on. Tools->Internet Options->Advanced. Look down the list and make sure that “Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages” is NOT checked. Then try again.

UK Web Design Trade Association

Is there a trade association for our industry in the UK? I’ve been looking but can’t seem to find anythingThere’s the HTML Writers Guild but that’s pretty much BS and some designers use that as some sign of quality. The reason I was asking was I was trying to get some Professional Indemnity Insurance to cover the business. Now I got some quotes and there were huge £600+ pa for just me. So thinking this was money for old rope I shelved the idea. Anyone been able to find a company who can offer this at a cheaper price?


Any One ever heard of PII? ;-) On the point that the industry is not mature enough. Well I think it should grow up then. Its evolved enough for people to be ripped off (IMHO). Get out the acne cream (well some of our younger viewers should) and think professional!!! However, you need to consider what kind of trade association you want. If you just want a club of people who do the same thing, with no standards required for entry, then the HTML Writers Guild is sufficient.


If however you want a certification of quality you need to decide what standard you are going to hold applicants to. If it’s a standard of technical knowledge, you run the risk of going down the MCSE/CCNE route where you have 14 year olds getting MCSE qualified having never done a day’s work in their lives. Any industry association based on quality standards also needs to be audited somehow to maintain standards – for example the “Web Host Guild” (or whatever it’s called) that puports to be a symbol of quality web hosting companies, is open to anyone who can stump up the $250 application fee.

Domain names, web forwarding and search engines

I want to register a .co.uk domain name for use with a small business, but intend (for now) to keep my Demon account and its free webspace. Have found a company which will register the domain and which offers a small amount of web space (a ‘front page’) plus email forwarding. Would it be sensible to use this ‘front page’ to put up a duplicate of the first screen of my existing website, complete with clickable links through to my Demon space? How would search engines treat the new site? Would they index the ‘front page’ and also the linked pages, even though these are hosted elsewhere?


To be honest I’d see if this “small company” can forward your domain name onto your Demon space automatically (from a DNS level, not a meta tag refresh or anything crap like that) – then search engines won’t have to worry about getting confused, and neither will you. With regard to an earlier posting advising it to be done at DNS level, this is not possible. DNS is only interested in IP addresses. You cannot point a domain name to an explicit URL, you must use the IP address of the virtual server hosting the domain. It’s perfectly possible for a web hosting company to host your web pages and for another company to run Primary DNS for you, so long as the two are willing to cooperate. Demon might state in their AUP that the won’t allow you to have a domain name pointed to their servers (either an A record or a CNAME entry) unless they operate DNS for it, but that is their choice, lots of other companies will. Just like some will gladly handle you pointing an MX record to their mail server so long as they provide local POP3 accounts (we do this a lot with Direct Connection).


Using a frames or meta-tag refresh technique is, IMHO, not particularly professional and just adds another point for failure into the loop. By this I mean that you don’t just have to rely on the hosting companies DNS servers working, their web server has to be running as well. With a purely DNS solution as listed above, most providers will run a Secondary DNS as well – do you have a secondary web server to handle frame redirects? I know it works and I’ve seen it used quite a lot, but it doesn’t stop it from not being as resilient or compatible as it could be.