Which comes first: the domain or the web hosting?

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I’m just getting started with my web site. I would like to register the domain with one company, so I can make it a private registration, but host the site with a different company. Is that possible? When I go to sign up for web hosting, they want me to transfer the domain to them.


I emailed one of the web hosting companies to ask about that, and they said “transferring” just makes the DNS server point to them, and my domain would stay with the company I registered it with — but I read their faq about it, and it talked about them becoming the new registrant. (In my mind, I just want the web hosting company to “use” the domain name.) The other confusion I have is that when I went to buy the domain name, before purchasing it it asked for the DNS names, which I didn’t have since I hadn’t bought the hosting yet.


But the first step of buying the hosting is registering a new domain or transferring a domain. You should NEVER allow them to be the new registrant! The registrant is the owner. Some (rare today?) might ask you to transfer registrars, whereby they become the new registrar. But again, there is no need whatsoever to do that, and most people would advise against it. I would say most certainly get the domain name first. There’s a million hosts out there that are eager for your business, but getting a good name won’t be as easy.

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